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Inventory Management System

  • Inventory Management System, contains creation of Purchase orders, Goods received against those purchase order, Purchase returns if any, bills received from vendor, etc for vendors and creation of Delivery Chalans, stock transfer from agent-to-agent, , actual stock received, Bill creation with tax, commission calculation, etc for Agents.
  • Make payments, receive payments, issue of debit/credit notes for both vendors and agents and other modules including masters.
  • See what you sold, what you need to order and what should be left in stock. We will develop a system that can be interfaced with various portable data collectors and your computer.
  Attendance System

  • Attendance system is primarily to manage or monitor the time worked by employees for the purpose of efficiently processing payroll. An automated time and attendance system can reduce the time needed to calculate the presence of the employee in an organization. A time and attendance system can reduce errors in enforcement of company attendance policies.
  • This combination provides employers with the means to efficiently track the time worked by employees, automating much of the process and ensuring that the person clocking in and out is who they should be.
Document Management System

  • Within your organisation, you need to share information contained in a large number of documents. You want to create an electronic document database where each document is carefully indexed according to keywords, archived, fully secure and available to the system’s users.
  • Reduced paper, mail & postage costs; Instant data capture; Bulk upload and download for efficiency.
  • Consulting and searching for information in documents of any format (text, images, audio) in record time. Notification each time new information is added to the system.
   Scanning Solutions

  • Using Scanning Solution you can scan a document and through our OCR software save it in a database, thus saving time.
  • A Software is figured on the form for the easy use to view images in its orignal size, through you can scroll image to view it in full size. Which save your stationary and easy and fast to identify your document.
Back Office Management

  • Project management, correspondence files, and workflow.
  • Financial administration (invoices, payroll, and so on).
  • Contracts and procurement management.
  • Human resource files or student records.

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