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While working with various projects and ideas, we focused on some with the intention of making standardized solutions for our present and future customers. And with this focus followed resources (time, conversations, money, passion). Some of these ideas and projects have evolved in to these solutions :12">

GPS : With GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system, a vehicle can be tracked on a computer map at a central monitoring station . With our state of the art tracking solution the exact location of the vehicle can be known along with details like speed. The more sophisticated GPS System we also get Major station or area announcement and Station name in bus services.

This system has been implemented succesfully by us in a city bus service, the system saves time with two way communication with the driver, deployment of emergency vehicle, replacement of bus etc.

WEB : Our Website designing expertise is largely based on the latest Internet specific development and website/web application design tools. The platform addressed by us are Microsoft, Linux, MS Sql, MS Access, PHP and MySql.

Thus while designing we not only keep the main business of the client in mind but also the psychology of the probable Web based customers who are likely to visit the site. We provide solution in form of web page designing, web site launching and setting up of E-commerce compatible web sites.Our development is not restricted to website content only but development of analytical graphs and charts for easy analysis.

CMS : When you have various type of content to be put on the website and need a cohesive system to manage all these diverse content then CMS solution is apt for you. With our diverse experience we can manage content and also offer consultation on content.

CMS in other words also means putting your information in right technology.

Customer Management : In this very competetive environment it is apparitive for any business to manage its customers, offer schemes at times, We in these years have served many such retail outlets with different card solutions our clients include Coffee shops, Hotels, Malls, Super Stores, Multiplexes etc.

Time Management : As the saying goes "Time is Money", and proper management of both ensures progress, with our card based solutions we have catered to this need of time management for industries, We have provided solutions for visitor management as well as inhouse management.

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