travel  & Transportation
Vehicle Tracking System

  • Vehicle tracking through GPS technology
  • Time management for commercial vehicles and city bus services
  • Data storing and history management.
  • Alerts for time delay, Alerts for Emergency Breakdown.
  • Central monitoring room implementation.
E-Ticketing System

  • Handheld ticketing Terminal for e-ticketing, smart card enabled Ticketing unit.
  • RFID technology for real time data on demand.
  • Reporting system for collection and passenger activity.
  • Smart card based tickets with photo id.
Broadcasting System

  • LCD Monitors inside the vehicle running Entertainment, News and Advertisements.
  • Emergency news (Text) through Central Control Room software.
  • Changing playlist and news updation from central control room.
ControlRoom Software

  • Two way communication with vehicle.
  • Constant monitoring of vehicles.
  • Analysis of data through reporting system.
  • Passenger analysis, Day to day collection analysis, modificaiton of routes, easy possible way guidance.