Hardware  Solutions
  EFT - POS Terminal

  • The VEGA5000, with its sleek design and small footprint, offers true portability, multi-application functionality and outstanding perfromance in a fully integrated terminal that fits in the palm of your hand. This wireless device is powered by a removable Lithium - Polymer batter. Which is small, light and most importantly, long lasting
  • The VEGA5000 combines a multi-application enviornment and Linux operating system with an Integrated, PCI - PTS certified PIN pad
  • The VEGA7000 combines magnetic stripe and smart card reader technology in a compact EFT countertop terminal with multiple options for tranaction processing and connectivity. A clam shell thermal printer makes paper loading easy.Vega7000 is configurable for multiple communocation interfaces, such as USB, RS232, RS485, GSM/GPRS, and CDMA. Its PIN pad is PCI PED certified, delivering a scure and reliable transaction.
Automated Announcement System

  • It is a small console useful for playing any kind of location based announcement inside the vehicle during operation. It is usefull for announcement of next stop in City Bus, announcement of Student's name on particular stop for School Bus or for announcing historical details of the place in tour guide vehicle.
  • It is a completely standalone device can be used for  announcement system.
  • Used in Bus Transport Service, Bus Rapid Transport Service, Local trains etc.
               RFID Reader

  • Contactless Smart (Mifare) card reader
  • Used in Person tracking - staff Idendtification, Customer Loyalty Programs, Pre - paid Card Application, Parking Solutions, Material Management
RFID Based Dimond Tracking System

  • Cursor Soft's Smart RFID Reader provides a unique platfrom for diamobd companies to accurately count and track movement of precious stock. A robust bench top RFID tool will read Tags in densely stacked application, regardless of orientation. The Smart RFID reader reads thousands of Tagged items quickly and easily.
  • Used in Large 3D Read area, Sturdy design, Fast Read/Write capabilities, Easy to use, Linux Based OS allows for stand-alone operation, Excellent connectivity with both USB and Ethernet interfaces.
  Magnetic Card Reader

  • Employee's time/attendance data collection, Exhibition visitor's data collection, conference attendance data collection, any movable data collection, card verification, student attendance data collection.
  • Bulit in Real Time Clock (RTC) and Back up capacitor, Auto off for power saving, Low battery indicator, memory full indicator.
Vehicle Tracking System

  • We have special device to carry out the vehicle tracking using GPS. This device is used by those people who carry precious goods. it is useful for all the transport agencies, who give importance  to the time factor.
  • It is also used in logistic indusstries, as both the client and supplier is always aware of the current status of their goods. It helps the management to coordinate their fleet, there by increasing the effectiveness of business by in - time delivery and systematic planning.

Thermal Printer

    Primacy is the quickest, most powerful and highest-performance office card printer in its category


    Primacy is perfect for production runs:

    • Print up to 225 cards/hour in colour, 850 cards/hour in monochrome
    • Start a run of 100 cards : no need to reload cards  thanks to the 100-card capacity of both feeder and output hopper
    • The 250-card capacity of the colour ribbon cassette  (YMCKO) saves your time by reducing the frequency with which the ribbon needs to be changed

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